Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lilah's New Room

As the pregnancy progressed we slowly went from two kids, one room to two kids, two rooms.  Our light sleeper of a 2 year old and a young infant that we are pretty certain we don't want in our room for three months (before he is sleeping through the night hopefully!) just didn't feel like a good mixture for overall family happiness.  So the plan progressed to moving Lilah into the spare room and downgrading the spare bed to a futon for company.  Then I met Pinterest.  And I couldn't seem to stop myself.  The result is an adorable, exciting "Big Girl Room" for my big girl that makes me feel like I am spoiling her on one hand and jealousy on the other.  After all, I was in high school before I got my "Big Girl Room."  And now our little guy will start to get the attention he deserves for his arrival.

This is our remodel journey in pictures.

Our spare room, already slightly modified after the purchase of the second crib.  Good bye exercise equipment, hello world revolving around kids!

Day 1: painting preparations.  I bought some stencils to "make the project easier" for a fun design on a feature wall.  

I knew Lilah would not take well to painting going on without contributing so I made sure she had a painting project of her own to tackle.  Her project was much quicker than the one in her room, but she loved every second of it. 

Oops, moment of realization that we should have put on disposables hit when we sat in on the paint cup

Doesn't everyone take a break from the artistic process to practice their golf swing?

Day 2: Tedious paint process still underway....  Lilah kept very busy helping, and I kept very busy trying to keep her entertained with other fun things.

Skip to Day 4: Almost done...dark outside...Oh please let this be over soon!  And by the way Lilah - you are never changing this wall!  She seemed to still be having a good time maintaining constant watch over the progress.

Lilah trying out her almost finished Fort.  Complete with pillow mattress, lots of throw pillows, fun lights and of course, books!  

And here it is - the finished product, projects complete...for now.  

One awesome fort. 

One toddler bed.

One refinished nightstand and lamp.

One beautifully painted 'L'.

One futon (Please still come visit!) and wall for future artwork and masterpieces.  

The big picture

 And here is the Big Girl, taking her moving into her new room very seriously.  

So by the time I got this blog together I am happy to report that the "Big Girl" is sound asleep in her new room for the first time.  It will be interesting to see where she is actually sleeping when we sneak in there to take a peek later.  Boy does this feels like a monumental moment.  Lilah is one amazing girl and we are so in love with her right now, even her constant limit pushing.   I know that I should be better at capturing the day to day moments because she never ceases to amaze us with how much she grows everyday.

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