Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things heard at our house tonight

Demanding voice: "Daddy, get it!"  Shannon:  "Get what?"   "Daddy, get Lilah's red soccer ball, PLEASE!."  

"Where's ball at?'  Lilah can't see it!  And then giggling like crazy because she was standing right over it and pretending not to look at it.

Me: "Where's Lilah?"  Lilah:  "Here's Lilah!"  (She popped up over the side of the chair, and it was a little reminiscent of "Here's Johnny!")

I really couldn't be more proud of her and how much she is communicating already.  She is not even 23 months yet and this is everyday conversation for her at this point.  She just had us in stitches tonight!  Here is a picture from yesterday.  She is getting so big.

About a month ago we got to visit a local Fire Station, thanks to Stroller Strides.  I have been remiss at posting the pictures, but better late than never I guess.  Lilah, in usual fashion, was a little hesitant to jump right in.  I never got a picture of her by herself on the engine and she wanted nothing to do with the spraying the hose when they let the kids take turns, but she can't stop talking about the firefighters and how she wants to go back.  Maybe next time around she will be a little more adventurous...or maybe not.

Fire Engine - eh.  Slick floor - fun!

Poor Madeleine wasn't too happy, and Lilah couldn't figure out what the problem was

All the cute kiddos....where's Lilah?

Oh, there she is

Junior firefighter - she takes her job seriously