Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lilah sings the "ABC's"

This is Lilah's first ever attempt at singing her ABC's.  Luckily the camera was close to catch such an epic moment.  


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pushing through the Writer's Block

I sit here staring at a blank screen, thinking that I have a MILLION things I could write about, but not quite remembering what I should say about each thing.  So in an attempt to get me back on track with blogging, I am going to sit and write for awhile, part catch up, part therapy.

Part of my problem is that I don't have much left in me at the end of each day due to the fact that I am smack dab in the middle of another round of Body Back.  I felt I needed the kick to get me back to the fitness level I had before Christmas and before all the sickness wiped me out.  So I am back to trying to stick to a healthy diet plan and two workouts a day.  It is going well so far I guess, 7 pounds down and feeling much stronger already. But man does it wear me out and leave me constantly judging all my actions - does this fit the BB plan???  If I am asking that question it usually means it doesn't.  And I have been asking myself that a lot lately.

As usual Lilah rules my life, as I seem to follow her ups and downs.  Today was a rough one, with lots of fits and raised voices and tears on both our parts.   She is so darn strong headed, boy are we in trouble.  But I have to keep reminding myself to just get through the day because tomorrow will be completely different.  And I am SOOOO incredibly proud of her and amazed on a daily basis.  Her vocabulary is huge at this point.  I would guess at least 50 words, mainly because we read so much everyday that she has most of her books memorized at this point and can "read" them to me.  The hard part right now is that she is trying so hard to say so many words, and sometimes I just don't get it and she gets so frustrated.   But the latest development, as my heart swells with pride, she is counting!  I expected words at 18 months, maybe not so many, but words.  But the girl can count with me up to 10 and knows what most of the numbers are when I quiz her on them.

We had Shannon's parents in town two weekends ago.  They got Lilah and we got to go out on an overnight for our 6th anniversary.  We stayed at the Tapitio Cliffs Hilton and had a wonderful day/evening.  I went for a nice run to start out the day because I knew the next day was going to be shot.  We left the house around 11 and headed to the 9 hole golf course near us.  It had been two years (I was pregnant with Lilah) since I had been golfing and I didn't do too bad.  Then we headed up to the resort and lounged by the pool with beers for several hours followed by champagne and strawberries, followed by an amazing dinner at the Point of View restaurant.  Only negative was that the wind was blowing too hard and we weren't able to sit out on the patio.   It was just what we needed and I am ready to do it again, anybody up for babysitting?

That felt good to get all that off my chest and hopefully that will help me avoid the toffee almonds that were calling my name.  Off to do my second workout of the day and looking forward to a better day tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a quiet but very nice Easter weekend this year.  We started the weekend off with an Easter Egg hunt and a visit from the Easter Bunny at Stroller Strides on Friday.  Lilah was really fascinated by the very large bunny and did pretty good on his lap.  She wasn't quite sure what the egg hunt was all about though.  By the time she decided she was actually going to go pick up an egg, a little boy swooped in grabbed it.  His mom was nice and made him give it back to her.  Then she got a couple more after and of course enjoyed the snacks inside. The first pictures are proof I did her hair!  She left it in for 40 minutes until she discovered it but it was half out before we got in the car.

Saturday was a nice day at home.  During the afternoon we had a visitor.  We babysat Lilah's friend Madeleine while her parents got a nice day out.  The girls did so good together and had fun.  Shannon decided that the girls needed to help him dye Easter Eggs.  There was 8 eggs dyed in total and several fingers, a couple of legs, some hair, and the patio.

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house for Lilah on Sunday morning.  He brought her some new books and a couple little toys.  He also hid several eggs filled with Bunny crackers, cheese puffs, and yogurt covered pretzels.  By this time she had mastered the egg hunt, and for those who really want some Lilah time, I will post the entire hunt via video.