Saturday, October 22, 2011

To all of you who follow this...sorry!

And welcome back.  I guess this post is my attempt to getting myself used to blogging again.  I have gotten out of the habit and besides not feeling like I have much to say, I have been feeling way too behind to catch up.  So what have we been up to in the past month (plus)?  A lot!

Part of the reason for lack of desire to think, let alone write, was the first trimester "fun."  For the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy nausea was running my life.  I was exhausted, no energy, no brain power, and trying my best to  stay on top of being a mom to a active toddler.  I managed to get myself to Stroller Strides at least 3 times a week, which helped.  I also took naps most days with Lilah, who luckily is still napping regularly around an hour and a half.  Now I am feeling much better.  I am 16 weeks.  And I feel like I am alive again.  Although I admit I am still napping most days.  I went to my OB thursday and got a thumbs up on progress.  This was the first time I got to hear the heartbeat.  Last time, baby wasn't cooperating yet so there was another ultrasound.  It was nice, but it is a little like seeing anything on TV, not really reality.  But hearing that heartbeat was one of the most uplifting sounds I have heard in a while.  And to make it better, Lilah came with me.  As the whoosh whoosh of the heartbeat came over the speaker, she leaned up and said "What that noise?"  Dr. Tom explained it was the babies heartbeat and she looked confused.  But later she explained to Daddy that we heard the baby, it is in Mommy's tummy!

Probably the most important event of the past month was Megan's wedding!  That meant a two week trip to Cedarville for Lilah and me.  The first week was a whirlwind of activity trying to finish up everything for the wedding, the rehearsal dinner, and the Sunday breakfast after the wedding.  Let's just say there were a few small details to work out!
Helping with favor decorating

The decorating committee

Lilah and I really didn't take much on by ourselves, except to play outside in the great weather and make sure we were eating on a regular schedule.  I am not really sure how we spent our days, but it was nice just to go with the flow and relax.   We picked and ate a ton of tomatoes from my mom's garden, we picked and ate wonderful peaches off the neighbors tree.  You get the picture.  We spent a lot of time investigating and supervising the work going on the my parents big remodel project.

Lumber inspection
Headed home after visiting Gram's classroom for more books.

Meeting the neighbors miniature horse

Gram reading Lilah her goodnight books

On Thursday I went with Megan and Alyssa to get our nails done.

On Friday was the rehearsal and big dinner.  And Saturday was the big day.  The weather held for the first day of October with clear skies, windy conditions that calmed for the wedding, and highs in the 70's.   Megan was absolutely beautiful and I was a weepy mess.  Darn hormones.  I don't really have many pictures from the big day because we were so busy. Me, trying my best to get beautiful and Shannon, chasing our crazy little girl all over.  I bought Lilah some squeaky shoes because I like the way they looked, and it was decided that she should leave the squeak in.  This meant that she didn't stop moving the whole day, but managed to capture the spotlight for the day, behind the bride of course.  I am hoping to post some of Jen's amazing photos when they are available.

Feeding the wedding crasher some apples

Gramps and Lilah before the wedding
I guess the rest of our month(s) away will pass without the updates that they probably deserve.  We really fell into a routine to get us through everyday, and besides a few small adventures, we are carrying on.  Lilah will be two in a week and a half!  And is getting more and more amazing.  It is impossible to accurately relay the hilarity of the phases that come out of her and attitude that goes with them in text.  With as much growth as she has had in the last year, I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

I will finish with some pictures from a recent pumpkin patch outing with the Stroller Strides group.

Lilah and her good friend Madeleine chasing each other around the corn maze

"This One!"