Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Growing Quickly

Today we went in for a growth Ultrasound.  They said I was measuring bigger and wanted to check it out.  This will not influence my decision on whether to be induced or not (NOT!) but I will let them try and talk me into it.  So far this "little guy" is already measuring around 5 lbs 3oz and has a head in the 70th percentile.  Yikes!  Here is a couple 3D pictures we got and the bottom one is Lilah for comparison.   I don't see much resemblance, except for the cheeks, so I am thinking he is taking after Shannon - big head and all!  He was crazy active and wouldn't ever sit still enough for her to get a "great" shot.  For most of her tries his foot was up in the way of his face.  A kidder already.  Shannon says this first shot is his "power to the people" shot.

Baby Boy at 32 and a half weeks along

Lilah at 35 weeks along

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  1. Amazing how much Lilah's ultrasound pic actually looks Like Lilah!!