Sunday, August 7, 2011

A BIG month for this family

I am so ashamed.  It is August.  My last post....mid June!  Wow, I am on the ball this summer.  Granted we were gone from home for almost three weeks while we spent time with friends and family in California.  It was a great trip.  To be honest, the first long trip I have taken with Lilah that I wasn't dying to get home after the first week. She was a great traveler, slept well (except those couple of nights when she would realize I was in the room with her), and had a great time having a constant stream of people to play with.

Naked swim time with Peyton

Then I left again the very next weekend.  Just me, no kid, no husband.  I went to Bend OR and spent the weekend with my good friend CB.  CB is the quintessential gym rat, the strongest, most in-shape girl I know (well besides my SS moms of course).  I knew that an excuse of a good race would be the perfect reason to escape for a weekend and go hang out with her.  We ran the 10k as part of the Deschutes Dash weekend (a full triathlon).  It was a great weekend and so nice to get away from everything.  The race went well too.  I wanted to be under 60 minutes and I came in at 56:14.
Nothing better than finish line drinks (at 10AM)

After that weekend I didn't feel like I could catch up.  I tried getting back to regular workouts and better eating habits.  Lilah was cranky and clingy.  It went on this way for a couple of weeks.  Just trying to keep it together, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not.  Then I had a morning Body Back run on a Saturday morning.  We put in just shy of 6 miles that morning.  Usually I feel great after doing that, but this morning I was dragging.  I took a nap for 3 hours that day and another the next day.  My stomach felt a little uneasy all weekend.  I was crying at stupid commercials.  Wait a minute, could it be, oh no!  I mean, oh YEAH!

That's right.  Lilah is going to become a big sister sometime around April 1st, 2012.  Was this planned?  Yes.  Were we trying?  Yes.  But for only a couple of weeks.  Literally a few days.  And I had been gone so much that there was only once.  Yep, it really does take only once.

I know I am only 6 weeks along and you are supposed to wait the official 8 weeks to start sharing the news, but I am not as nervous this go around.  If anything does go wrong, I am sure I will share with all of you here, and we will move on.   There are actually a lot of things different about the way I feel about this pregnancy and I have a feeling that will be indicative of the whole second kid.

I love this baby already.  I had no idea what having a child would be like the first go around, and had a hard professing love to the thing that made me feel so awful. Of course now I know what that love is and I am already in love with Baby Lentil (the vegetable equivalent for this week).   Last time I had given up all "bad" substances, like alcohol and caffeine, before stopping birth control.  This time I have the 'oh, I am pregnant, guess I better put down this cup of coffee' mentality.  Anyway, I am glad I will have this blog to share the pregnancy ups and downs.  But just don't expect it too often because the official rule is that Momma sleeps when Lilah sleeps is in effect!

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  1. Yay! SO happy for you guys! Enjoy napping when Lilah naps while you can! :-)