Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Daddy's Day!

This is the first thing Shannon heard on Sunday as he got a big hug and a kiss from his biggest fan, Lilah.  It sounded more like "huppy DADDY dye"  but the point was made.  We swept in baring gifts and hugs for the our favorite Dad in the whole world as we woke him up for the big day ahead.  We made portable breakfast, smoothies and toast, and hit the road to the Phoenix Zoo before it got too hot.  Lilah loves reading about all the animals and can recognize and name all the "big" ones.  She has had two trips to zoos already but Shannon wasn't able to come with us either time so he was excited to go with her.  We pulled into the parking lot, told Lilah we were at the zoo to see animals, and she practically jumped out of the car into the stroller proclaiming "SEE ANIMALS!"  We headed into the zoo, only to find out that Dad's are half off on Father's Day.  Score!  We made it through the whole zoo, only missing a few small exhibits, and had lunch all before nap time hit.  It was a great day and watching Shannon and Lilah share that experience was priceless.  Although I do think my favorite was listening to Lilah proclaim "MORE ANIMALS!" when she had her fill of which ever animal we were admiring at the moment (she said it only about 100 times).  

"Big bird!"
Mommy and Lilah admiring the Bighorn Sheep

Should have had the better lens on while she was looking right at me!

Get the feeling you are being watched?

"Ti-ga"  'Pretty"

They spent a lot of time watching the "Lion sleeping"

You know it is hot when the rhinos are doing everything they can to get into the shade

Important conversations about Mandrills

"Ba - booooooon"

Even the turtles were enjoying Father's Day

One happy, hot little girl.  As soon as I snapped this picture she said "MORE ANIMALS!"

What's next, that rock is boring...

They spent a lot of time watching the elephant

Happy Father's Day!


I'm watching you, watching me

Looks like they are right in the exhibit

"More gfffs!'

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