Sunday, January 9, 2011

Running...for fun?

So as most of you probably already know I am currently in training to run a half marathon in February.  Why, do you ask, would I decide to do such a thing and my answer is I am not quite sure.   I am not a runner - or so I used to tell myself.  After running 3 or 4 miles in Body Back and finishing the 5k with much better results than I expected, I apparently decided that I am now a runner.  So why the half?  I know several other Moms that will be running the race too and I am inspired by all of them.  The final straw was actually watching last season of Biggest Loser where the final four run the marathon, if they can do that, I can run half that far!

And now comes the part where I admit that I have NO idea what I am doing.  I have never been an athlete.  Not to the degree that running requires.  I am feeling ill equip for this challenge and it is quickly losing its appeal.  I WILL continue to train and I WILL finish the race, even if I have to walk, but at this point I am not sure I will ever set such a high goal again.  I am thinking a 5k or 10k sound great right about now.  Last weekend was the tipping point.  I tried my first 10 miler.  I made the first 5 no problem.  6 was hard simply because I knew it was just the start of the turn home.  And by 8 I thought I was going to fall over and die.  My hips ached, I had stabbing pain in my ankles, shin splints, my chest was burning, and I never want to feel like that again.  I made it home but cut the run short - 9.5 miles - and I was practically walking the last mile.  I made it in the door and burst into tears.  I was just worn out and feeling frustrated that I was going to fail this crazy goal I had set for myself.    Add to that all the things that I never realized were going to be a problem.  I have chaffing in odd places including my poor boobs which look like they have been through a war zone from all the bouncing in what I thought was a great bra.  I have a rash all over my body from what I am assuming is being in sweaty clothes pretty much 24/7 these days.  I am exhausted.  I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning because my feet are stiff and sore.  Today I can barely walk, can't bend over at all and feel like it is a first day of working out all over again after only 6 miles.  But to be fair I was sore before I left on my run thanks to a good workout yesterday at Stroller Strides.

So now comes the plea.   For all of you runners that follow this blog, I need advice and encouragement.  What are the secrets to running that I don't know that will keep me going and allow me to finish this half marathon?  What are the must have products, gizmos, and gadgets that I should not be running without?  And how do I keep myself motivated to try not only that 10 miler again but keep going through 13.1?

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  1. Okay - love this post - so honest. I too am not a runner - in fact I'm not sure when I would ever have the nerve to call myself that. I try - no doubt I try and boy do I have some lofty PP goals once Baby Dos makes his arrival so I'll need YOUR encouragement! But hear me on this - 9.5 miles no matter how hard, slow, agonizing, etc is a feat in and of itself and it tells you that you have the mental fortitude to rock the half in February - no question. That is HUGE! You will hurt - your feet shouldn't in my opinion for this distance. May want to truck out to Roadrunner (101 & Scottsdale) for their free treadmill test for the right shoes and/or inserts. Some gals would kill to have boob chaffing - means you have boobs to chafe! Ha! There are some great products out there for that too. Keep a super close eye on your nutrition for fatigue (you know I'm a bit obsessed about healthy foods if you read my blog!) - may need to consider a multi vitamin if you don't already take one as it's hard to get it all from food. May also need to up the good cals (veggies, fruit, lean protein) - as for motivation...............Lilah and the photos of you and her at the finish line (she will look back at those and be so proud of you even years later) - I've only done one 1/2 and it turns out I was preggo with Zoe - I suffered, I was SUPER slow, I walked some and when I thought I couldn't do it anymore.....I put Pink on repeat on my iPod and told myself to suck it up. So glad I did - I get to tell her we've already run a 1/2 together!

    Good luck - I will be living vicariously!