Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I think that November is going to become my new favorite month.  Over the past four weeks I have come to realize all the wonderful things the month of November has to offer, especially living in Arizona.  October is great, well, because it is my birthday month and now Lilah's birthday month.  December is great because of the holidays, family, friends, parties, food, and drink.  And November used to the the month in the middle that I just skated through.  But now I will look forward to November.   It means the end of the heat.  It means the beginning of winter.  It means beautiful sunny days that we can go outside and play (finally!) after the dreaded heat is over.  It is a month that reminds you to be thankful, something that I never quite understood fully until I had a family of my own.  Enjoy some pictures from my new favorite month. 

Lilah enjoying some of her birthday presents

 A few afternoons outside with Calvin (she could care less if we are with her!)

Out for a family hike at Thunderbird Mtn.

Taking after her Mommy - she LOVES Mac n' Cheese.  Here she is eating her first homemade version!  She was too busy shoveling it in to smile for the camera.

Daddy says Go Raiders!  Hopefully Lilah will make her own mind up on what team she supports :)

Getting ready for winter

 Thanksgiving Weekend  - started off with the 5k (I finished 346 out of 1118 and ran 8:59 min miles)

 Lilah loved being outside with Daddy and Calvin all afternoon, he is going to have a helper on his hands.

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