Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A little behind...

on everything!  Well, not really.  I have purchased most of my Christmas gifts, not a single thing is wrapped.  We have a beautiful tree up, with lights on, and it is smelling up the house.  But it only has 5 ornaments on it with a pile of ornaments in boxes where the wrapped presents are supposed to be.  I just wrote cards today - Lilah's thank you card for her birthday (um, that was two holidays ago)!  I have Christmas cards on order and they will probably all just go out together.  I have just come to the realization that while Christmas is only going to get more and more fun with little ones, somehow it is only going to get more challenging pull it all off.  So tonight I am feeling a little behind, and instead of decorating or wrapping, here I am on the computer.  Ah, procrastination.

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  1. I don't have any children, I have two Christmas presents ordered, none wrapped, none have arrived, Danny and I did decorate the tree last night. I need to go shopping which means I need to go out of town, I have 3 days off between now and Christmas (so I have 3 shopping days left!!) Eek! Maybe it is not kids, maybe it is genetic.