Thursday, April 7, 2011


My name is Kate and I am addict.  It has been only two minutes since my last online purchase and that is my third for the day.  Seriously, this is getting ridiculous!  Out of curiosity I searched for order confirmations in my email for the last month.  I almost fell out of my chair at the grand total.  And that didn't include the $300 TV for bedroom because ours went out or the other extravagant purchase of the month (just a car)!  Let's not talk about how much time I spent researching cars!  I think I need to go cold turkey and just unplug.  But the thought seriously makes my palms sweaty.

I don't know why I go through these phases, but it is truly an addiction.  I think about checking all my sites for good deals before they are gone every morning as I am getting out of bed.  I brush off my child's attempts to read a story with me or run around the back yard because I don't want to miss a good deal.  I feel devastated if the one thing that interests me is sold out.  And lately I have been bad about buying stuff that I don't even really need or want once it comes.  But my heart races as I check or shop.  I get excited as I add something to my shopping cart.  I have a moment of sensibility that starts to take over as I add my credit card number, but I quickly squash it.  And then I wait, with excitement, as shipment notices come, and for the doorbell to ring each day.  If I don't have anything outstanding I get, well, depressed and try to come with some excuse for something that is needed.  This latest bout came because Lilah has gone through a bit of a growth spurt and is finally ready for 18 month clothing!  It is summer time and time for a new wardrobe.  She now has a dresser stuffed full, granted of VERY cute things.

So I am writing this blog as my public intervention notice. If you hear me excitedly talk about Kid Steals, Zulily, fun clothing sites, etc... feel free to give me a good slap.  And remind me that car payments start soon!


  1. LOL! I had to stop the emails from coming to me, hide BS and KS on FB, and ignore as much as possible! It is HARD.

    Good luck! :)

  2. Zulily is terrible!! Lance has the same addiction though!! He sits on his laptop at night while watching tv and orders stuff. We get "stuff" almost daily!!

  3. wait-- that last post was from me, not Tracy :D
    Bev :)

  4. dang it!! why does it think I'm Tracy?????????
    I give up